?Brand Identity Graphic Usage
A new brand identity image has been created for the National Wildlife Refuge System because times of heightened attention and outreach provide a unique window for building a strong identity in the minds of stakeholders
and the American public.
Correct Usage
To ensure this recognition, the Refuge System’s brand identity image must only be used in the provided configuration, next to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service logo.
The brand identity graphic should not be reproduced smaller than 1.25 inches wide. Below that size the type becomes illegible.
Correct Usage
Both images are to be used together in provided form. They may be printed in four-color process or in black and white. If the Refuge System graphic is used in a solid color, it should be PMS R 281.
Incorrect Usage – Images are distorted
Incorrect Usage
Image separated from U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service logo.

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