????Brand Identity Guide
??The Morgantown brand is a reflection of the residents – traditional with an eye on cleanliness, friendliness, and bright ideas, set across the West Virginia hills.
? Values
We value our residents, and communicating with them clearly, and with a fresh new perspective.
We value our traditions, stories and steadfast methods from the past and work every day to integrate them into a future that benefits every citizen.
We value our setting, from the falling banks of the Monongahela River to the hills around us.
We value our opportunity, and welcome students, business owners, entrepreneurs, families, Veterans, retirees, seniors, and organizations to our community with a sense of diversity.
? Voice
? Steadfast
? Identifiable
? Fresh and Forward thinking
Brand Explanation
??? Uses
Our identity, including symbols, can be used in/for/by:
? Council Correspondence
? Press Releases
? Letterhead & Stationery
? Websites
? Social Media
? City-Sanctioned Student Projects (through Internship or Civic Engagement)
Blog Comments Advisory Boards
Brand Explanation
??The colors in our scheme are our standard colors used in all branding materials. There are variances, specifically in our website, outlined later.
Green as the Hills
R: 0 G: 136 B: 86
Dark Blue
R: 54 G: 134 B: 200
Accent Blue
R: 66 G: 169 B: 220
Morgantown Gold
R: 0 G: 211 B: 85
Morgantown Blue
R: 0 G: 124 B: 185
Color Scheme
???These are our brand elements and can be used in all media, communications, and other outlets.
WVU Students may use these elements for city- partnered projects only if obtained with permission from the City Manager or Office of Public Communications.
Brand Elements
??Here are the fonts we use at the City of Morgantown, including their use cases.
Tahoma is the trusted default for body texts.
Tahoma Bold
Tahoma Bold is our standard font for titles and headings.
Tahoma Italic
Tahoma Italic is the font we use for bylines, captions, and testimonials.
??? Classic Clean
Our style is a clean, eye- grabbing template with fluid accents.
Visual Style
? Do:
? Keep accent styles fluid, like
the Mon.
? Use gold to accent, and not in body text or as background.
? Don’t:
? Draw upon WVU’s trademarked Old Gold & Blue.
? Include busy patterns or too many colors.
Spacious white signifies room for work.
Blue addresses our standard for steadfastness and traditional values.
?Gold touches on the highlights of our City, and it and blue bring together the unity that draws Mountaineers in.
??Website Typography
The Website was created by M&S Consulting before the City of Morgantown defined its brand, and therefore differs from the Morgantown standard.
Helvetica is used for body text and minor headings.
Script MT Bold
Script MT Bold is used for Front Page Feature Picture Titles.
??? is used for the Page Title, Menu Categories, and Headings.
??Website Visual Style
As we do not have admin rights to change and update the web themes, we can maintain the same theme site-wide.
? Do:
? Use the default Header texts and formatting in the Visual Editor.
? Center Graphs, and use a header row.
? Don’t:
? Use logos without
? Post press releases or blocks of text without adjusting typography to match that of the website.
??? Classic Clean
? Correspondence, signatures, documents should all be designed with the Classic Clean approach, as is seen in this Guide: white background, Highlight Swoop accent, and standard Typography.
? Website
? The Website uses a tailored theme, created just for the City of Morgantown by M&S Consulting:
? Rolling Scratch Header
Background & Art
??? Taupe Background and Header Edge
??Our tone is a classically contemporary, yet clean approach to our correspondence and presence: much the same as our approach to our responsibilities to the city.
It is futuristic, with a simple template that reflects our ability to accept new ideas, and incorporate them into the way things have always been done.
Our colors are also standard for the region: it reflects an unmatched quality standard shared by many others.
We use these colors and design aspects to highlight our friendly neighborhood atmosphere, and appeal to a generation that is ready to move from their education into the professional world that exists just off campus.
We hope to express our pace with this brand identity, keeping up with new ideas while keeping the tried and true methods of our past.

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