Ensure through dynamic speed to market, expertise and market savvy, your organization continues to redefine the industry through great product, great storytelling, great retail and direct to consumer partnerships.

More Uses of the Brand Management Toolkit:

  • Be accountable for developing compelling, insight based product concepts and partnering with research partners to identify the most reliable way to gain consumer feedback and validation.
  • Strategize with the executive leadership team ways to drive impact via unified messaging across your distribution centers/ associates (current and potential).
  • Use brand, industry and consumer information resources to identify business issues and opportunities and to develop strategic and programming recommendations to achieve brand goals.
  • Create and own goals and performance metrics for Brand Marketing; monitor regularly to understand effectiveness of strategy and creative, making recommendations for continuous improvement.
  • Identify: craft brand digital and social media strategies in partnership with digital team and oversee digital content development to drive brand awareness and engagement with consumers.
  • Ensure you brand manage to effectively create and present robust business cases through the gate keeping product development process and gain executive leadership alignment.
  • Ensure your organization leads pricing audits to evaluate opportunities to extract maximum value from the market and recommend audit cadence, action steps and communicates strategy across channels.
  • Ensure your organization measures and evaluates communication / claims performance and optimizes to improve effectiveness, stay on trend, and remain differentiated from competitors.
  • Ensure your organization identifies key issues and opportunities through your organization review and builds marketing plans and communications objectives to drive profitable sales growth across channels.
  • Cultivate relationships with key internal parties to effectively lead cross functional teams in product management, whether New product development or Core product improvement.
  • Be accountable for developing and executing plans to increase consumer wallet share, product consumption, improve profit on existing spend and identify/exploit key categories.
  • Head: effectively create and present a robust business case through the gate keeping process aligning executive leadership to the brands innovation strategy.
  • Be accountable for managing the day to day success your brand portfolios Amazon listings and troubleshoot any issues with your team of Brand Managers and other functional teams across your platform.
  • Coordinate across functions as sales, legal, regulatory, finance, analytics to deliver programs, measure programs and make recommendations for changes to the plans based on learning.
  • Manage work with the Business Analysis and Finance team to measure and analyze sales impact, wholesaler execution and the profitability/ROI of marketing expenditures.


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