Briefed edit, verify, and review materials for completeness, accuracy, and conformity to standards and organization Branding; ensures organization wide communications consistently reflect common themes, messages, and styles.

More Uses of the Branding Toolkit:

  • Drive awareness and adoption of your employer brand messaging internally to provide more consistency and clarity to your brand externally.
  • Be accountable for partnering with employer Branding, employee resource groups, and organization recruiting to communicate with and engage a wider range of diverse communities.
  • Be accountable for working across several aspects of marketing from digital marketing to Branding and positioning, growth strategy, Go to Market strategy, and customer insights development.
  • Devise: work closely with marketing to ensure that external marketing activities are consistent with internal product strategy and product specific Branding initiatives.
  • Ensure change management and proper rollout of recruitment marketing programs through detailed project management and communications.
  • Standardize: work closely with organizations design department on all creative and Branding initiatives to ensure a consistent message across channels.
  • Coordinate: effectively integrate and drive organization Branding, values, frameworks, and solutions into learning content, messaging and layout design.
  • Supervise unit communications activities as research, project planning, metrics, marketing analytics, Branding, and other related areas.
  • Ensure your organization complies; as talent acquisition management, you develop and execute talent acquisition strategies reflecting current trends and innovative positioning.
  • Establish: implement design system and product design patterns across all product lines for a more unified product Branding / look and feel.
  • Ensure you are going to show you what you are great at, and going to help you break into all the other things you have always wanted to do, from Design to Strategy to Branding and on and on.
  • Supervise: partner with the internal communications team to drive awareness and adoption of employer brand messaging internally to provide consistency and clarity.
  • Be accountable for marketing internet marketing, social media and online advertising Branding media management web design and development SEO and search engine optimization.
  • Make sure that your operation leads internal Branding execution by linking to People Strategy and driving connection by employees to your Employee Promise and Value Proposition, in a cost effective, measurable manner.
  • Be the Branding expert to provide good guidance to external departments and internal creative teams on marketing campaigns and creatives.
  • Ensure you execute; lead brand management; through industry lead Branding, industry networking, industry communications, industry association membership, etc.
  • Ensure correct and consistent use of AWS style, Branding, service/product naming conventions, and legal and messaging requirements.
  • Guide: design, analyze and report on brand perception metrics to measure success of Branding efforts and to influence brand messaging and product innovation.
  • Manage: complete one unit on average per day, and continuously establish goals and evaluate metrics in order to enhance the overall process.
  • Coordinate with the marketing department to provide direction for user acquisition, web strategy, Branding, and product marketing.
  • Manage work with the Head of Talent to identify key recruiting metrics for your organization and work with the recruiting team to build and operationalize programs to drive improvements in metrics.
  • Ensure you unify; trusted organization partner to leading brands, your team of seasoned marketers and industry experts help companies build meaningful, lasting, performance based relationships with strategic partners.
  • Devise: consistently review the reBranding process and focus on areas of improvement in order to increase production and efficiency, while trying to eliminate waste and lower cost.
  • Ensure you have proven success in driving substantial results, ideally in B2C Branding, customer acquisition, site conversion and developing customer advocacy programs.
  • Ensure content accuracy and alignment with current business processes, organization Branding guidelines, procedures and systems.


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