As it turns out, information is also something that could work against you instead of for you. The latest news in the world of information systems is the dissolution of the Bridge Information Systems Company because of bankruptcy. Despite its many attempts to combat such an impending fate, the company had no choice but to swallow the bitter pill and deal with it. And most surprising is that that it was only in about a year after the problem developed that they had to accept their fate, too.

When information is not handled well, it could spell complete and utter disaster for any company – such as the case of Bridge Information Systems. As of late, Bridge Information Systems as at least one billion and six hundred thousand dollars worth of debts, which was filed last year. After their legal team battled every hurdle that came their way, they still could not come up with a solid liquidation plan. As such, the most they could do was distributing the total amount of a mere four hundred million dollars in cash to be distributed among their many creditors. As hurtful as it may seem, Bridge Information Systems had no choice but to face the music.

A lot of their creditors came to the quick conclusion that such a company would be unable to reorganize as well as having a series of expeditions related to sales would be going for the dunker as well. What happened to Bridge Information Systems clearly serve as a lesson not just to the different information systems companies around the globe (who are all currently trying to decide how they can do a better job and how to refine their existing accounts and business processes) but the creditors and investors as well.

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