What is search engine optimization? It’s basically about making one’s website more accessible to the public. This means aiming for the site to be at the top of search engine search results. But why would people want to do search engine optimization?

Most online businesses value the benefits that search engine optimization bring. When their sites are shown at the top, people are most likely to visit their sites. With more people able to browse their sites they would have better chances of getting better sales.

Most businesses target their search engine optimization on popular search engines such as Google. This is, of course, only logical since most people use Google for making their searches. Again, more people are likely going to see their sites.

So how does a site rank well with Google? Google ranks pages. This means that the most relevant page is shown on top of search results. It’s possible that one page of the site is the most relevant to the search. It will therefore be shown on top even if the home page is less relevant.

Keyword density is important to Google. It looks at how many times the search keywords are repeated in a specific page. In search engine optimization, it is therefore important that the keywords being optimized are used repeatedly in that particular page.

Links to the website is also very important. The website should have as many back links. Quality should not be sacrificed though. Relevance, link quality and anchor text are also being considered by Google.

Using Google services could also help in search engine optimization. By availing AdWords for example, the site will get exposure in many other relevant sites. The site will also be shown in search results.

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