Building the Right Information System Strategy

In every conceivable aspect, the need for an Information System in any organization is deemed essential and vital.  The presence of an information system will help propagate a more secure and accessible means to company information.   However, more essential to having an information system is the perfect strategy needed to effectively build an information system.

A strategy is a well-thought, carefully studied plan.  For it to be effective, the strategy must involve intelligent thinkers and analyzers in order to make sure that all facets and points of the plan are carefully and strategically understood, studied, and implemented. 

A good, effective information system strategy then is one that which answers the need of the organization based and anchored from what was studied and investigated beginning with the statement of the problem up until the methodologies required to fully make the information system functional.  An efficient Information System Strategy is one that encompasses but not delimited to performing and doing the following things:

• Clear definition of the guidelines and parameters in the development of an Information Systems and why the existing system needs a replacement.
• Clear identification of the highest priorities as anchored from the company vision and goals.  This is an integral component of the IS strategy to make sure that the plan is aligned with the company objectives.
• Clear set of targeted output or product.  The IS strategy must be able to showcase what it tries to produce as an output after the whole working plan is fully implemented.

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