Wikipedia is an internet website where people could share information about a lot of things like business tips and quality management just like an ISO 9000 wiki.

When a term is coined with the word wiki that means the source of information is the famous Thus, an ISO 9000 wiki means an ISO 9000 posted in the open-source Internet-based encyclopedia.

People want quality in all the products and services that they consume because they dont want to waste their hard earned money. In, interested persons could find information about ISO or the International Standardization Organization and how they help businesses do quality management. They can even find particular information about ISO 9000 and if talking about this issue, an important part to be considered is the ISO 9001.

The ISO 9001 is a part of the standard of the ISO 9000 family. There are important requirements in ISO 9001 and these are created to help survey the processing methods of all the major businesses. Some of ISO 9001 components are:

 The Monitoring methods to make sure that that the procedures are effective.
 To maintain enough records.
 A regular review of the quality system and its usefulness.
 To have a continuous improvement.
 To check outputs for defects and make corrective action if necessary.

Companies or organizations that are audited independently and certified in accordance with ISO 9001 are considered registered under ISO 9001. This certification may not mean an assurance of service or companys end products. But this means that the company has complied with the ISO 9001 requirements and business processes.

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