Communicate analysis and decisions to high level stakeholders and executives in verbal, visual, and written formats.

More Uses of the Business Ecosystem Modeling Toolkit:

  • Help develop governance documentation to ensure partners understand goals.
  • Be accountable for learning and development resources.
  • Lead: software product marketing management.
  • Develop or extend taxonomy or ontology data models to support analytics.
  • Ensure you prioritize communication that can create compelling stories for team members and managers.
  • Ensure you overhaul; build your job in a place that thrives on diversity, inclusion and belonging.
  • Ensure you have skills in data retrieval and data research techniques.
  • Maintain underlying information to ensure budgeting tools operate on the most recent and complete set of data.
  • Coordinate: share relevant information with product management, sales, and other marketing team members.
  • Apply descriptive and predictive analytics to help drive insights and business decisions.


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