To make successful business decisions, you need to gain insight in business intelligence, follow the main steps of the key performance indicators (KPI) cycle, find the best source to store and process operational data, and assess and use standard business intelligence applications, organizations see data as most powerful asset to create superior customer experiences, perfectly optimized operations and new, disruptive business propositions, therefore, artificial intelligence and machine learning are an increasingly integral part of many industries, including marketing.

Driven Analytics

Business intelligence and analytics are data management solutions implemented in organizations and enterprises to collect historical and present data, while using statistics and software to analyze raw information, and deliver insights for making better future decisions, technology has changed business in the evolution of making more profit in business with high speed, to get more customers, to be able to serve more people worldwide, to improve the product and services quality, speed up a business process, less use of human power in high-risk intensive works, moreover, as the world becomes smarter and smarter, data becomes the key to competitive advantage, meaning a companys ability to compete will increasingly be driven by how well it can leverage data, apply analytics and implement new technologies.

Simple Intelligence

Use your business intelligence-as-a-service capabilities to boost your bottom line, what a brand needs in terms of analytics will obviously vary from business to business, generally, you can perform data mining with comparatively modest database systems and simple tools, including creating and writing your own, or using off the shelf software packages.

Wide Enterprise

Whether your focus is on accelerating a single process or disrupting your entire industry, get there by making AI accessible and useful throughout your business, searching for ways to make business more efficient, more connected and help generate more value. As well, powerful platform analytics deliver the visibility you need to monitor, manage, and optimize your enterprise-wide intelligence deployment.

Real Data

Looker is your organization intelligence software and big data analytics platform that helps you explore, analyze and share real-time business analytics easily, increasingly often, the idea of predictive analytics has been tied to business intelligence, furthermore, akin techniques are applied against input from many different data sets including historical and transactional data, real-time data feeds, and big data.

Competitive Services

Like with many forms of business forecasting, predictive analytics has myriad applications within HCM planning, you transform how IT services are delivered and are on your journey to be the first IT services organization in the world where half the work you do is done by machines, generally, unlike, in the past when some productive technologies could only be accessed by wealthy organizations, also small business can use simple technology to gain competitive advantage.

Data is streaming from all aspects of your lives in unprecedented amounts, never before in the history of humanity has there been so much information being collected, studied and used daily. And also, the emergence of new data management technologies and analytics, which enable organizations to leverage data in business processes, is the innovative aspect. As a result, querying, reporting and data visualization may be applied to yield more insight .

Identify patterns, relationships and trends through interactive dashboards, reports, actionable alerts and advanced data discovery using a comprehensive set of data analytics software on your enterprise-grade analytics platform, through the use of data visualizations, dashboards simplify complex data sets to provide users with at a glance awareness of current performance. Also, complex data mining benefits from the past experience and algorithms defined with existing software and packages, with certain tools gaining a greater affinity or reputation with different techniques.

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