Have you heard of BIG? BIG is the name of the autonomous organization that shows complete dedication to supporting as well as promoting the different interests of the individuals that are involved in the different aspects of business intelligence as well as market research. BIG also refers to Business Intelligence Group, which is the full name of the said autonomous organization. This organization also represents all the different membership interests for both the information users and the information suppliers. The business intelligence group also provides a sort-of platform that will allow them to reflect on the research issues that are related to business intelligence. Anyone who shares interests with anyone will also be able to make new connections as well as develop better networking opportunities to expand one s reach of professional personnel.

By way of the various media in the form of seminars, newsletters, important conferences and thriving communications conducted via the World Wide Web, the current as well as the impending uses that pertain to business intelligence are reviewed among the members and discussed by the entire group. Business intelligence group members also champion the cause of a more improved business research that is within the highest levels of the executive areas of any and all organizations, all representing the different sectors of the market. They also hold annual conferences as a way of coming up with leading opportunities to take stock of strategic positions that are also within the community of business intelligence. Even without prequalification, YOU can be a member of BIG!

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