Ready to use prioritized Business Intelligence requirements, to:

Guarantee your group delivers in-depth digital marketing/web analytics and insights, using advanced quantitative and scientific approaches to business analysis related to performance marketing, in support of the enterprises US-focused (internal) customer engagement strategies including digital intelligence for channels such as Search, E-mail, Display, Social Media, and Mobile leveraging web analytics, big data, business intelligence, data visualization, and other capabilities to drive marketing optimization efforts. .


    • Does your organization have effective processes to prevent incorrect data from the perspectives of data accuracy and completeness in business intelligence systems?
    • How does the integration process of business intelligence and knowledge management systems occur to support the information integration system and decision making processes of your organization?
    • Do you have the data sources and business intelligence needed to help sales and marketing segment the right prospects?
    • What does your organizations typical data warehouse and Business Intelligence organizational structure look like?
    • Are there any desktop Business Intelligence tools in use for data analytics?
    • Are you able to use your Business Intelligence tools to data mine the AIOps repository?
    • Does your organization make use of Business Intelligence and analytics to drive innovation?
    • Are business intelligence solutions starting to include social media data and analytics features?
    • Does your organization have a dedicated Business Intelligence or Analytics office or staff?
    • Does your organization use Business Intelligence system to support your business?

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