Much like a web portal, the business intelligence portal is a centralized environment where users can access and use several company database and information warehouses.  It provides convenience, speed, and efficiency in the deployment and usage of business intelligence.  A business intelligence portal can allow executives, managers, and employees, to query the corporate database whenever a need for specific information arises.  The ability to access vital information in as little time as possible and to analyze those data could help improve corporate productivity.  A BI portal will also allow managers to make speedy and accurate business decisions because data and information could be retrieved faster, analyzed, and used according to specific needs.

The addition of business intelligence portal to the information architecture of companies could certainly improve efficiency, increase the abilities of personnel to use business intelligences, and bring significant return on investment to the business intelligence architecture.  A business intelligence portal can be a very effective vehicle for the delivery of business information especially if it can be used by the organization according to their specific needs.  A manager that needs critical data could easily query the portal and the intelligence portal should filter the correct information requested by that user. Statistical and quality analytics of these data should also be made available by the portal so that specific users can instantly judge the usefulness of the provided data.  This ability can result to faster decision making process and most importantly, companies could make accurate business decisions based on accurate information.

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