Business intelligence reporting can simplify the delivery of business intelligence to the entire enterprise.  Executives, managers, employees, and external customers can get the most accurate business intelligence and easy to understand data and analytics through BI reports. 

New BI reporting technologies allows users to customize report generation according to intended audience.  BI reports could include content that are rich in data and analysis, graphs or presentations, spreadsheet scorecards, company directions and key performance indices, and many more.  The possibilities could be unlimited precisely because business intelligence reporting applications depend on the user s preference of reporting. 

Top executives could receive enterprise performance scorecards and market trends, managers could have the employee productivity report while employees can get the corporate operations report.  External customers like suppliers and consumers can receive financial statements, invoicing, product price list and comparative studies, and more.  All these business intelligence reports can be generated by a single engine and delivered to intended recipients based on the specifications of BI software users. 

BI reporting can also be programmed so that it can be delivered whether on a per event basis or based on scheduled and pre-programmed reporting.  BI reporting software allows reports to be accessed on any platform and operating system.  This made BI reports a powerful tool to inform the company and its customers on current developments and updates. 

Through business intelligence reporting, information dissemination and use of data by concerned parties could be made convenient and cheaper.  This will further improve the performance and customer relations of companies.

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