To better understand data and use it for vital business decisions, companies should implement an enterprise-wide business intelligence solution.  In fact, current business environments and market competition has made business intelligence not just an option but a practical business technology solution to address the increasingly sophisticated demands of the market and to systematize the internal corporate organization to cope with those demands. 

Business intelligence is essential to the operation and customer relation service of a company.  If information can be quickly accessed, timely and appropriate decisions can be made.  This enhances the responsiveness of companies to solve issues facing their organization and gain valuable insight on the temperament of the market.  Through business intelligence, the company can access information from numerous sources.  This could improve objectivity of data and a more balanced information flow can be realized.  Aside from data access, business intelligence enhances selectivity of data provision which is important in avoiding information overload.  Once a company overloads itself with numerous but sometimes useless data, managers and corporate executives will not be able to come up with timely decisions.  Worse, the management team can commit errors in judgment because of inappropriate information that has not been carefully sifted. 

A business intelligence solution could help avoid this pitfall because the data generated can be automatically analyzed by BI tools and reports delivered according to the parameters specified by the company.  This will refine the usage of business information so that decisions can be firmly grounded on concrete conditions or actual situations. 

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