Capability Maturilty Model (CMM) is the standard process improvement for software developers.  Software organzizations to be able to move towards next level is to see to it that the levels defined on each maturity level are met.  Process improvement is a contuing process and promtoes higher quality of product.  One way to find out on how to further improve your work process is through calibration.
Calibration is the act of comparing two instruments or measuring devices, where in one is standard of known accuracy that can be traced to a national standards.  CMM calibration aims to detect, correlate, report, or eliminate through adjustment a work process that results to discrepancy in accuracy being compared with the standard.

The measurement of uncertainty is part of the CMM calibration process. It is necessary that calibration and measurements used are traceable in order to be accepted by outside organizations.  This is commonly accomplished by making a comparison with the standard.  In short, calibration is comparing representative of projects performing under the same life cycle strategy and within the common business domain.  Calibrations can also involve modeling the effort distribution and schedule results into the phase of governing life cycle model.

The CMM calibration will help software organizations in improving the system being modeled.  The process currently practiced can be adjusted if need be.  Organization can plan for future implementation based on the calibration activities carried out, applying new tools and technologies and the choice of alternative process.
Start calibrating your work process, and check if they are within the standard or higher.

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