Everyone has probably tried calling to a hotline number for product assistance, or if not for inquiries regarding company services like phone and internet subscriptions. But, do you ever wonder who you were talking to for those inquiries or assistance? Well, they are the customer service representatives and technical support specialists. They are those people who are working in a Call Center. Their jobs are to assist customers with their inquiries and to make sure that they get full customer satisfaction. And speaking of call center jobs, there are actually some other kinds of customer service jobs other than being a customer service representative or a technical support specialist.

Call Center jobs include a wide scope of job descriptions. Within this job scope are the Inbound and Outbound customer service representatives, technical support representative, online survey agents, Inbound and Outbound Sales agents, Quality Analysts, Medical, Entertainment and Legal transcriptionists, Banking and Finance Specialists, IT and programming agents, Travel Assistance agents, and many others. One of the perks of working in a call center is the high wage that awaits you on your pay day and this is especially true for those who are in Asia like in the Philippines where the value of a US dollar is quite significant.

For those who aspire to be a call center agent, generally there are a number of qualifications that one has to possess regardless of the position one is applying. These qualifications require that one must be able to speak English fluently, must have high level of analysis with the ability to function in a fast paced environment, strong written and verbal communication skills, completed at least two years in college or from the university, and for some call centers, one must be willing to be assigned during graveyard shifts. Call center jobs could be stressful and demanding, so before applying for a call center position just make sure that you are ready for this kind of work.

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