Call Center Receptionist A Hand in Sales or in Customer Service

IN telemarketing is becomes difficult to get hold of prospective customers to finally say yes to your product or services.  As you finally made a deal, you need to
 immediately attend to their needs.  Your next prospective customer on list should not be kept waiting or hold on, as there maybe other sales service call representative that can grab them. The same thing goes for your customer that calls for complaints or inquiries.  You have to realize that they are upset and a non-accommodating person answering can be intimidating.   You need to have a call center receptionist to handle the sales or customer service part. 

Call centers have been regarded as a way to cut company costs, increase urge efficiency and improve the company’s image.  Receptionist is the very first person that gets to be talked by customers.  They are the ones who help route, filter and direct calls on where they need to go.  Some of the services that most call center receptionist provides to companies are as follows:

1.  Provide a receptionist that will enable callers to be
     connected to company’s employees, by extension or
     department. 2.  Provide the handling of overflow calls during peak hours,
     so that no call is missed. 3.  Provide service to answer calls after close of business
     hours. 4.  A recording of company’s personal announcement
     that you would want customers to hear every time. 5.  Provide a voice recording and transcription services. 
     This is to capture information and transcribe to text
     the phone conversation.

In busy hours, when you cannot afford to lose your customer or a prospective customer, it is best that a sales or customer service call center receptionist be at hand

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