Call for ITIL Experience Authors – The 2010 edition

Call for ITIL® Experience Authors

The 2010 edition

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*The 2009 edition shown here

Story Telling

One of the most effective ways to educate people is by story telling. People have been telling stories for centuries.

Stories around the campfire; myths and legends have been passed around from one person to another. Stories that warn you about dangers or tell you about great joys that are to be had..

On face value, ITIL® Service Management is not much different from any other framework or theory.

You can read about the theory in the textbooks. You can learn the ideal scenario during class.

What really happens when people start implementing the processes, guidance and framework in their organisations?

Where are the war stories, the ‘do as I say – don’t do as I do’ post mortem stories that are so powerful, and have so much impact?

This is the reason behind the ITIL® Experience book.

The 2009 edition was a great success and we hope to publish the 2010 edition in September of this year – just before the ITSMF-USA Annual conference.

What do we need to publish the 2010 edition in September??


Your story, your company’s story, your friend’s story.. Start writing today to make a difference for the ITIL® community. Your story makes a difference, can help other people and I look forward to read about it in the 2010 edition.

For more information email me directly.

Ivanka Menken

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