Believe it or not, SOA is not just for adults now – even children are clamoring to learn
how to do SOA programming so that they can create their own customized programs. Is it
possible then to teach them enough about SOA (or service-oriented architecture) so that
they can even take an SOA exam to get accredited?

Actually, there are different schools of thought debating about this issue right now. One
says that it is good that kids are showing an interest in computer programming this early,
so by all means teach them SOA if they can absorb the concepts in the lessons. If they
succeed, then great, good for them. However, another argument states that SOA may be a bit
too advanced for children to learn, so perhaps less complex IT concepts should be taught
first before children are led to learn SOA. Still another source points out that it is
possible to teach kids SOA in one-on-one sessions, but teaching a whole class of youngsters
is too difficult to be effective.

Perhaps all these arguments have basis in fact, and have the commonality of being dependent
on what age the child being taught is at the time of the lessons. This is because children
have varying ranges of attention span – meaning some kids are more attentive to the lessons
than others. Some kids may have a great start then lose interest and do something else.

A unique problem also cropped up when the idea of teaching SOA programming to children was
brought up – should SOA concepts only be taught in English? Many people who want to teach
IT to children are encumbered by the fact that many children do not have English as their
first language, so they wind up with the double task of teaching English words while
teaching SOA concepts.

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