Whizlabs (a leader in the IT certification training software industry) does have a product they call the Whizlabs SCJP 5.0 Preparation Kit 6.0.1. This kit incorporates not just one mock SCJP Exam Test, but a total of six Mock SCJP Exams in simulator mode which are meant to help you in your preparation for the real SCJP 5.0 Accreditation Exam. Not only that, but the Whizlabs SCJP 5.0 Preparation Kit 6.0.1 also has an Interactive Quiz whose questions are based on the genuine exam model.

The Whizlabs SCJP 5.0 Preparation Kit 6.0.1 is like the other Whizlabs products in that you receive their Unconditional 150% Test PASS Guarantee. The Whizlabs SCJP 5.0 Preparation Kit 6.0.1 is actually shareware though you can also purchase the for-pay version at $59.96=5 each.

So why take a mock SCJP exam test free? It is a well known fact in the IT training world that the more exam simulations you take, the more proficient you become in the IT certification area you are preparing for. By checking your knowledge and skill levels through a mock SCJP exam, you learn how you measure up in a test created by professionals in the SCJP certification standards. And if you take the mock SCJP exam under time pressure, that helps you gauge further your ability to function under time pressure using the same knowledge and skill variables.

If you prefer to use other websites for the free test exams, you may. But your advantage with Whizlabs is that they are recognized by many IT employers and IT training institutions. And recognition by your peers in the IT world does not come easy actually.

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