Actually, anyone who has adequate knowledge of how to use a personal computer and its word
processing program can easily follow a certificate in change management template to create
change management training certificates that are customized for the change management
program of their organization.

The change management template simply aims to show you how the finished certificate will
look after you have created it. The first factor in the template is the size and type of
fonts to be used. Select fonts which look good when used together and create a classy
appearance that will jive well with the other elements of the certificate.

It is usually advisable to center all the content, since this is how the best certificates
look. You should then create very nice-looking borders (straight lines generally look much
better than more complicated swirly lines as borders.) Maintain adequate spacing between
the content and the borders.

If you can have someone create or scan the picture of the organizational logo for
integration into the layout of the certificate, that would be really good. If you have a
color printer, then perhaps this logo could be colored as well. But black and white also
looks good anyway.

It is very important to show what the certificate is about in the main heading. For example,
if this is a Certificate for Completion of ITIL® Training, then indicate that in the main
heading with generally larger font than that used for the rest of the content. You may
choose to make that main heading Bold or Italicized as well.

Never forget to include the date when the training was completed, as well as the signatures
of the important people who are bestowing this certificate on the recipient. A dry seal can
later be embossed on the certificate to make it really official.


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