Can ITIL “forum lurking” really help you pass your cert test?

Using the ITIL community forums to boost your learning potential


C’mon, admit it, we’ve all done it before; trawling over other peoples’ comments looking for informational diamonds in the rough without even considering joining in the ongoing conversation. This type of voyeuristic online activity is often referred to as “forum lurking”, and while the name implies some kind of nefarious deed, the truth is that it’s completely harmless.

Regardless of whatever your interests might be, or what you might be studying, chances are, there are a great number of forums out there which deal directly with the subject matter in question. Often times, these very same forums are regularly visited by a number of highly experienced individuals that are more than happy to share their knowledge and wisdom of ITIL, free of charge.

When most people discover a forum (in an area of which they are extremely interested) they usually “lurk” around for a while before finally deciding to participate; on the net, this is considered to be the norm. The ITIL community forums, like other professional / academic / educationally-minded discussion boards are a veritable treasure-trove of useful references for those who might be studying for an ITIL certification test. Likewise, those who might have already received their certification will find these forums to be extremely useful in helping them solve ITIL-related issues as they relate to their career duties.

But before one can really begin to take full advantage of what any ITIL-related forum has to offer you must be on track with some form of ITIL training.  If you’re reading this, it is likely that you are an IT professional, which among other things, means that you are among the most tech-savvy individuals on the planet. Realizing this, you should already be aware of the inherent power and value that various e-learning / professional development courses have to offer. However, you still need the right ITIL certification program if you expect to not only pass your cert test, but absorb as much information in the subject as possible.  A great place to start looking for a choice course would be Their ITIL 2011 course(s) are not only affordable and state-of-the-art, but they are designed to provide you with a true and lasting understanding of how you can actually use ITIL in your daily duties.

ITIL is a very important, yet broad subject which is only growing in importance and relevance with each passing day. This is largely due to the fact that more and more businesses, corporations, and other types of IT-driven (and reliant) organizations are beginning to see the inherent usefulness, or value of ITIL.

Because most business is carried out with the assistance of (or through) IT assets, it is important that there are not only contingencies in place to deal with issues, but also the very best methods for dealing with constructing / maintaining IT infrastructure. This type of thinking applies to both internal operations (the systems which facilitate inter-office business) as well as those which operate externally (interfacing with consumers, etc…). The simple fact of the matter is that ITIL helps businesses to cut costs in addition to providing improved services.

How is ITIL able to facilitate cost-cutting tactics you might be wondering? As you may or may not be aware, large businesses have to formulate budgets well in advance of enacting them; this allows them to facilitate long and short-term goals and determine how much capital to allocate to various departments, for example. In reality, ITIL allows for the development of what many consider to be the best system for managing, improving and maintaining IT infrastructure / systems. How is ITIL able to achieve this?  ITIL is essentially a compilation of the best methods and practices which have ever been developed (for managing IT infrastructure); when you study the ITIL, you are literally delving into the minds of numerous IT gurus. As an IT professional, it is truly unbelievable that there are even some individuals who are not eager to absorb every last detail of what comprises the ITIL.

Once you have officially embarked upon your ITIL journey by choosing a qualified course provider, you can begin utilizing the ITIL community forums in all their potential. Remember, there is an abundance of information available via this forum, but it is more or less useless unless you are training with the right company (and an appropriate program / course).

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