Can the Google AdWords Certification program really help improve your online marketing skills? In a word, yes….


While there tends to be a great number of smaller businesses that routinely use AdWords to help reach customers, rest assured, the bigger institutions are interested as well. In fact, many large companies are having their marketing and IT departments work with AdWords in an attempt to match competitors and/or gain advantages through web searches. To put it another way, understanding how AdWords works is quickly becoming critical for anyone (or group) selling anything to anyone. Likewise, more and more IT personnel are being called upon to set up and run AdWords programs; which usually means that it’s time to study and certify.

A person who has completed the AdWords certification program clearly understands how to use it in a professional capacity. The most recent advances in terms of best practices and use of new technological components are also covered in an AdWords course. In other words, we’re talking about a thorough program which effectively trains initiates in the most up-to-date AdWords techniques and methods.

However, while there is in fact dedicated program for individuals, forward-thinking companies (and managers/owners) should note that there are also group options available. For example, it is possible to become an AdWords certified partner, which will grant intrepid companies with several perks, like:

Ability to use/display a Google Badge on its pages

Direct marketing support

Being added to the ‘Google Partner Search

Unique offers, coupons

Private invitations to Google events

In a world where most businesses have access to the same resources, these seemingly minute benefits can make all the difference in the world when it comes to attracting customers. Naturally, achieving partner status requires an organization to adhere to certain criteria. For instance, the terms and conditions must be met, which are largely aimed at making sure that a company is properly representing AdWords. Also, it requires the business to have spent at least $10k during a 90 period (where charges were incurred in at least 60 days out of the 90). Finally, the business must be employing at least one individual who is fully certified / qualified and has at least two certifications to their credit (Google-based). This last point is interesting because once most businesses see how much their online streams improve they’ll likely begin demanding that more employees become certified in AdWords (which will only further help matters).

Once a business or individual officially qualifies as an AdWords associate, they may see certain opportunities arise where there were none previously. Getting certified however means that you’ll have to pass the exam, which a number of people have noted isn’t as easy as you might think. In fact, some people are very vocal about how challenging this AdWords certification exam is, and are quick to note that a person will likely need quality training materials that provide an in-depth analysis of how AdWords functions if they are to pass the test. A truly dedicated person can probably spend a few weeks intensely studying AdWords and manage a passing score. However, the goal isn’t just to pass the test, it’s also to transform you into an AdWords master and make you savvier when it comes to online marketing in general.

But aside from the tangible benefits of having another useful certification to add to your name, training in AdWords is simply a great idea. Sure, certifications look great on resumes but there’s no substitute for knowledge and experience. At the end of the day, it is one’s knowledge base and understanding which will allow them to achieve great things. In other words, the goal isn’t necessarily to simply “get certified” so much as it is to absorb as much information relevant to running a top-notch AdWords campaign as possible. This approach will allow you to truly make an impact, whether that’s in helping your employer, or in your own entrepreneurial endeavors.

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