Managed Shadow IT

Can your solution enforce policies to restrict access from only managed devices?

Ensure your turn key design and build solutions allow your (internal) customers to deliver more data, more bandwidth, and ultimately support more devices for the end users.

How do you limit access from unmanaged devices?

Implement event driven bidirectional data exchange capabilities between network and security devices to control network access and improve response times to cybersecurity incidents.

Have all risks and threats been considered, analyzed, contained, and managed?

Check that your staff is involved in performing, documenting, and communicating the analysis of cyber vulnerabilities, threats, and risks.

Are there adequate controls in place to confirm that the function is being managed appropriately?

Orchestrate assists the IT Audit Manager in planning audit projects by developing risk-based scopes, methodologies, and audit programs; prepares, researches and designs evaluations of programs, systems, controls, policies, procedures and other functions using audit and analytical techniques; executes complex information technology tests of controls associated with applications, system operations, and supporting infrastructure; and analyzes supporting evidence, draws logical conclusions and develops appropriate findings and recommendations.

Can unmanaged devices be blocked from accessing your sanctioned cloud apps?

Zero Trust Architecture (ZTA) involvement spanning all 6 pillars of ZTA (Identities, Devices, Infrastructure, Network, Apps, and Data).

Do you secure sensitive data in unmanaged, shadow it cloud applications instead of having to block useful applications altogether?

Have actively participated in internet communities, especially those adjacent to blockchain applications.

How are the cloud services being managed, and what are the service level agreements?

Provide emergency restoration and disaster recovery services to (internal) customers.

What proportion of the overall spend on IT is controlled by/managed outside the IT organization/department?

Verify that your staff develops and communicates technology alignment plans to the executive team, staff, partners, outside departments and the public.

What are the high level processes that are required to be managed/migrated?

Assure your strategy demonstrates a higher level of expertise across multiple products, systems, and processes.

Is the service managed or unmanaged?

Be certain that your group is leading ongoing reviews of business processes and developing optimization strategies.

How will shadow cloud be managed?

Guarantee your operation is involved in designing and implementing an enterprise wide Cloud security architecture.

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