Provide forward looking business visibility based on advanced statistical analytics, predictive models and deep insights Scenario modelling, Trend Analysis, Correlations/ Knowledge Discovery, Machine Learning, Statistical Forecasting, Early Warning System etc.

More Uses of the Capacity Management Toolkit:

  • Support and expand on all opportunities to level load the plan to drive improvements in inventory, fulfillment, cycle time, Capacity Management and growth.
  • Create a develop short and long term demand plan based on business trends and demand patterns, tied to the overall IT and Business strategies.
  • Communicate in a straightforward, accurate, and specific manner that highlights aspects of the project requiring additional attention or action.
  • Establish: conduct what if simulations proactively identify potential capacity issues and partner with product and service owners to minimize risk and reduce cost to serve.
  • Orchestrate: interface with data acquisition and coding head and peer data acquisition leaders to provide regular status updates, identify and manage risks and issues, and ensures the appropriate use of escalation pathways.
  • Ensure you realize; build user stories surrounding your end user interactions and engagements with technology to identify areas of improvement regarding IT support for your new and existing users.
  • Identify opportunities to streamline workflows and processes to increase customer satisfaction, reduce errors, increase controls and ensure maximum productivity and efficiency.
  • Confirm your organization ensures that projects support and align with executive communications strategies and plans, follow guidelines regarding the Liberty Mutual corporate brand image, and maintain consistency with communications standards.
  • Create and manage database for collecting and storing critical business data; structures data to be used by various stakeholders for data / analytical needs.
  • Perform analysis of contact center data to provide insight into reasons for calls, employee performance, forecast variances, KPI variances, cost per call and other data relative to contact center performance.
  • Establish: schedule forecast review meetings with management on regular basis and provide leadership to management on resource Capacity Management practices.
  • Engage in Capacity Management during sales and operations planning, master scheduling, materials requirements planning, and production activity control.
  • Execute the forecasting and planning process by designing and maintaining tools that project various growth scenarios based on operational KPIs.
  • Steer: partner with IT Leadership to build plans that maintain a cost structure in line with organization operating performance, risk tolerance, forecasted capital, labor targets.
  • Ensure you supervise; build strategic relationships across relevant business functions and teams in order to drive alignment, resolve conflicts and mitigate competing priorities.
  • Develop and implement Golden Gate performance monitoring process and analyze monitoring data for performance optimization opportunities and capacity planning.
  • Oversee team activities as appropriate and provides technical and project specific guidance to team members to ensure quality and on time deliverables in compliance with departmental processes and procedures.
  • Ensure alignment of the materials sourcing and supply strategy with business strategies together with multi functional stakeholders (Operations, Finance, Commercial and Marketing).
  • Direct: of commercialization and process improvement, and the facilities to best serve the needs of an expanding customer base while delivering improved operations performance.
  • Ensure proper supplier/program capacity is in place in advance of program changes resulting from demand driven changes and/or product plan changes.
  • Confirm your organization partners closely with strategic communications leaders to understand communications strategies and tactics and proactively identify and develop opportunities to align approach to deliverables across businesses/functions.
  • Execute demand and Capacity Management activities, assessing existing capacity and adjusting resources and priorities, timelines and metrics to align with strategic and organizational demands.
  • Provide analysis and advice to management in the areas of operations, resource management, finance, revenue accounting, pricing, and/or contracts.
  • Secure that your organization problems range from making key investment decisions, influencing engineering roadmap, developing framework to run the day to day business and everything in between.
  • Systematize: together with pmo and portfolio management leads, continually evaluate new technology and reporting capabilities to meet evolving business planning needs.


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