Capital one ITIL

Capital one ITIL®

Realizing the importance of quality service management, Capital one bank rolled out its Capital one ITIL® program in 2001, to counter increasing service interruptions faced by the company. By 2003, Capital One ITIL® program paid off and reduced production incidents like system crashes and software-distribution errors by about 30% and the business critical-Severity 1 incidents by 92%.

Project management and talent management are two key areas of Capital One ITIL® program. The company is host to a highly dynamic environment that requires effective exacting standards like ITIL® to run its normal functioning. The Capital One ITIL® program combines IT, Marketing and Operations which brings along incredible success in form of remarkable dividends. For its best ITIL® and service management programs, Capital one secured ITIL® Project of the Year by Pink Elephant in 2001.

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