An open minded, creative workplace is only possible when differences are truly valued, an inclusive culture is created and sustained, and policies and practices are equitable.

More Uses of the Carbon Credits Toolkit:

  • Guide: design reliable and high quality backend systems in the cloud, architecting data flow to APIs to support field scale.
  • Ensure you strive to create fast, reliable, testable and documented code that others can understand.
  • Systematize: you are ready to change investor and organization practices on climate change and other sustainability challenges.
  • Lead: product marketing management, carbon demand.
  • Pilot: staff software engineering, carbon platform.
  • Ensure you guide; lead projects end to end, from design to implementation to deployment to production support, contributing across functions.
  • Ensure you nurture; build and lead teams and projects to success in order to make an impact.
  • Evaluate: staff front end software engineering, carbon apps.
  • Make sure that your corporation understands how to build reliable and maintainable systems in a cloud environment.
  • Identify: software engineering, carbon platform.
  • Evaluate: efficiency in distributed computing.


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