These days, people are normally drawn to the belief that before an entrepreneur can lure his clients to his websites, he should first have a dazzling graphics and a big name to effectively achieve it. But the book of Internet strategist and marketer Catherine Seda, which is entitled “Search Engine Advertising: Buying Your Way to the Top to Increase Sales,” eliminates this wrong belief and replaces it with a more practical and truthful one saying that “what really matters is a high up placement in search engine of a website to draw great numbers of visitor into a website”.

Certainly, once a website took a high place on the search engine, numbers of visitors are sure to come as well. Now, the question is how can it be done? Simply, Seda took an effort to clearly discuss into her book the ways on how to magnify a website into a search engine. First, she focused in outlining the strategies involved in selecting the precise keyword positions. According to her, an entrepreneur can draw more visitors to his page by using this strategy.

Secondly, Seda describes as to how can someone turn his ad copy that is performing poorly to achieve its desired target. She also discuss in her book the proper way to evaluate and correct low visitor into buyer conversions.

The features of this book are claimed by many to complement the needs of those who are just beginning in Internet marketing. The information included inside is expected to serve as a great help for them to apply web strategy immediately. Meanwhile, advance marketers can also find a help on the guidelines provided by the author in analyzing and improving their recent results.

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