The CCIE pay rate is considered as the highest compared to other IT professionals who hold certifications for other systems.  A Cisco certified CCIE can command an annual salary that could reach six digits.  That s for the senior level professionals who hold a CCIE.  For middle level IT professionals who have CCIE certification, the pay rate would still be enormous; salaries would run between $75,000 to $90,000 USD.  That is why more IT professional are trying to barge into the elite circle of Cisco certifications, specifically the CCIE certification.

However, not everybody who takes the CCIE examinations could clear it.  Even the most hardened IT experts find the CCIE, especially the lab exams, difficult to pass.  Some even took three or four attempts and lots of written exam retakes before clearing the lab examination.  The trainings, preparations, and exam retakes would need considerable investments in time, money, and effort.  But if a CCIE certification has been secured, it would definitely result to considerable increase in salaries and benefits.  A job promotion could also be possible not to mention the prestige and honor of belonging to the most elite circle of IT experts.

To become a CCIE certified professional, one needs to undergo months of trainings and studies.  Trainings should involve preparations for the CCIE written and lab exams.  The CCIE written exams is a multi-choice and fill in the blanks test.  The lab exam involves actual hands-on test on different networking skills.  CCIE lab exam will also require examinees to solve actual trouble shooting problems.  Preparing for these tests and actual hands-on experience are critical for successfully passing the CCIE exams.

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