CCIE Prep Kits: Essential Tools for Passing the CCIE Exams

CCIE prep kits are very valuable resource materials for those who wish to pass both the CCIE written exam and CCIE lab exam.  The prep kits may include reading materials that could be studied at home. Manuals and instructional guides on several IT network protocols and infrastructures are also provided in some CCIE prep kits.  These will familiarize CCIE trainees on the different concepts and methods of Internetworking as well as the application of voice technology to most network architectures.

CCIE prep kits and manuals can be made available by some online training centers specializing in CCIE curriculums. Trainees could find these training institutions through the Cisco network of accredited training centers.  It is better to get proper training from an accredited institution in order to take advantage of updated study materials and lab simulation methods. 

IT professionals should consider that the CCIE certification exams are the most demanding IT qualifications tests.  It will definitely require not just simple self-study and memorization techniques.  Actual and hands-on experience on IT network solutions would give aspiring CCIEs a definite advantage during laboratory exams.  However, it is equally important to have a multitude of CCIE prep kits in order to train and prepare for the two-stage CCIE exams. Passing the CCIE written exam is a prerequisite for taking the lab examinations.  Prep kits would be useful for written exam preparations. But the most valued benefit of CCIE prep kits come from the workbooks and problem solving exercises manuals. This will sharpen the skills of trainees in solving actual CCIE lab exam problems.

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