CCIE Routing and Switching Exam: 3 Best Ways to Prepare for the Exam

The CCIE routing and switching exam is probably one of the most difficult exam tracks of CCIE lab examinations.  It requires high technical knowledge of different networking technologies.  The CCIE examinee must also possess superior understanding of networks in order to solve the numerous problems that will be presented during actual examinations.  There are several techniques and methods that can be used to prepare for the CCIE routing and switching exam.  Examinees should prepare thoroughly for this exam track which is a major part of the CCIE lab exams.

First, examinees must enroll in training centers that provide reviews for networking solutions and give updated approaches to latest network technologies. This will allow the CCIE examinees to refresh their theoretical knowledge.  This is also important in order to understand the current best practices of routing and switching technologies.

Second, examinees must secure different self-study guides such as books, training manuals, current journals, and technical documents related to networking technologies.  These materials would reinforce the conceptual knowledge of aspiring CCIEs in grasping different network solutions.  It could also broaden the theoretical framework of examinees and will enable them to look for different angles in solving networking issues.

Third, examinees must constantly practice their networking skills either through actual hands-on experience in their company s IT environments or through network simulations.  Simulations can be acquired through hosted service.  The examinee will be provided with a virtual network environment.  It could be a good training ground for sharpening the skills on network configuration, deployment, and troubleshooting.

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