After the sleepless day and nights of continuous study, after the endless review, after the tightening of belt for CCIE expenses, CCIE certified can now harvest the fruits of their hard labor. That is by having the IT career they ve always wanted. Along with that is the high salary that will be more than enough for the house, for the car, for the gimmicks, for all the needs and wants. With as much as $102,000 earnings of CCIE certified professional per year, he can really have all he wanted in life.

CCIE salary is the usual reason why information technology students and geeks spend money in taking the CCIE examinations. Expenses are not only for the exam payment but for the entire exam cost that covers review materials, travels, and the exam fee. Anyway, spending about $9,000 is nothing compared to the opportunities waiting for CCIE certified individuals.

There are lots of jobs waiting for CCIE certified that, of course, offers high CCIE salary. The designation of Cisco Certified Engineer is the topmost Cisco certification a person could have.

The CCIE salary also heightens through time because the CCIE becomes more experienced. CCIE with three to five years of experience will earn $82,000 anually. For those who have 5 years or more working experience can earn $90,731. For the senior CCIE who have been working for more than 10 years, they will earn $126,193 every year.

It also varies in region. The salary of the average CCIE is $102,000. For hose who are in the West it is $123,777. CCIE certified in the Midwest can earn $85,000, while the CCIEs in Northeast earn $95,918 anually.

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