CCIE Security is one of the five tracks that candidates can choose from. Getting a CCIE certification in Security indicates a candidate s expert level knowledge of IP and IP Routing, as well as network security protocols and components with subjects that include IOS Security, IDS, ASA and many others. There are no prerequisites for this type of CCIE certification, though candidates are encouraged to undergo training to enhance their knowledge and skills as far as network security is concerned.

There are barely two steps that candidates need to take before getting CCIE Security certified. The first step is to pass the written exam. It is a two-hour test with 100 multiple choice questions that needs to be answered within specific time constraints. No open books or other reference materials allowed when taking the exam. It usually costs around US $300, which also depends on exchange rates and local taxes. Results of the CCIE exam are available immediately after the exam. Passing it means that the candidate is ready to move on to the next step and that is to take the lab exam within a period of 18 months only. Failure to do so may mean expiration of the written exam score.   

The CCIE Security lab exam is an 8-hour hands-on test that requires candidates to configure, troubleshoot and solve problems presented to them. It usually costs around US $1,400 per attempt and exam scores are available online within 48 hours. Scores are evaluated by proctors to ensure that certain requirements or criteria are met. If a candidate is doubtful and would like proctors to reevaluate his or her score, he or she has to pay an additional US $250 to request for reread. However, this is possible only if 14 days have passed following the exam date.

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