It is indeed a fact that getting a certification for Cisco Certified Internetworking Expert (CCIE) is not a joke. This is because it requires candidates to give their 100% attention for them to be able to pass two exams that they need to take   one written and one lab exam. Though it is true that there are no normal prerequisites for the CCIE exam, still there is a need to have a working knowledge and adept experience in networking. This is where proper CCIE training comes in.

CCIE has five tracks in place and it is the candidate s prerogative which among these –

(a) Routing and Switching,
(b) Security,
(c) Service Provider,
(d) Storage Networking or (
e) Voice suits his capabilities as a networking expert.

Training plays a major role in defining certain key strengths that will help candidates decide on which track to take. To enhance their skills, they have the option to take training courses or read books to ease their way out of the CCIE exams. There are a lot of training institutions that offer such services, facilitated in by experts themselves. Though it may cost CCIE aspirants valuable amount of money by attending training classes alone (roughly $1,500 – $3,000 per class), still the rewards are truly unimaginable once they have stepped up, conquered the exam and achieved CCIE certification.

Aside from attending training classes, a candidate has also the option to train at home on Cisco systems. He or she can also check out web sites that offer sample CCIE test questions and assess oneself on how prepared he or she is in taking the exam. Taking advantage of all the resources around will boost candidates  confidence and give them more chances on getting CCIE certified.

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