Possessing information about crown jewels is necessary in order to determine whether adequate controls are in place, both are essential to be able to survive for your next few days while working on solutions, in the same way, the first step in protecting your organization from cyber threats is to identify the crown jewels of your business – those assets and systems that are critical to your business.

Never has it been more important for organisations to truly analyse, understand and communicate information about their assets or their crown jewels, those unique processes and designs that make up the core essence of a business, than during large-scale transformation projects.

Every organization has crown jewels (also known as high-value assets, critical assets, or mission critical systems), it is critical to identify which assets, people, applications and, or systems are your organizations crown jewels and ensure that the correct cybersecurity policies are in place to protect these jewels from being compromised.

Every company is undoubtedly concerned about keeping outside attackers away from its sensitive data, but understanding who has access to that data from within the organization can be an equally challenging task, new applications can enable the crown data jewels to be delivered to hackers utilizing secure communications, in the same way, typically, most organizations build security around infrastructure, network and applications.

Conventional approaches to deploying security controls seldom provide appropriate or sufficient protection for mission-critical information assets, remember that your crown jewels can reside virtually anywhere as your workers and partners turn to mobile and cloud-based technologies to access and share information to do business, identically, you can get your arms around it if you assess the value of your data and focus your attention on protecting your mission-critical information assets the crown jewels.