The CCNA CCIE certifications each demonstrate a certain level of knowledge or even an amount of expertise in providing solutions with the use of Cisco products. But while the CCIE certification gives one an expert badge, the CCNA only certifies an associate level of knowledge on the part of the examinee. But not all IT positions would require a CCIE certification. Some of them would only need associate level knowledge and so they would only need a CCNA certification.

The CCNA certification expires in just three years. One would have to get recertified or he can upgrade to the next level. He is not required to upgrade but he has the choice to do so. Although going to the CCIE certification is a better status, some may opt for an easier professional or even maintain the associate level certification.

A lot of opportunities await the CCNA CCIE certified people. Skills in Cisco enterprise solutions are needed by companies so there are a lot of jobs for them. Some jobs are for the CCNA certified IT professionals while others would require a CCIE certification. The higher the level of one s knowledge and the more expertise he has, the better job salary he will get. That is why although CCNA certification is enough to land one a job, it would also be better to get the CCIE certification. A lot more preparation needs to be done when one decides to take the CCIE than a CCNA but a lot more can be gained by the CCIE certification too.

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