The Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) certification is the final destination of a student. He has finished studying the four modules under the CCNP curriculum and he has set a budget to make his own second hand CCNP home lab. Everything seems to be working on his part but then there is a tiny niggling feeling. Maybe he should be studying more? What if he forgot something in the exam?

The Power of CCNP Audios

Yes, there are books for learning the CCNP exams. However, CCNP audios have certain advantages over books. First, CCNP audios allow a student to study in a relaxed manner may it be lying in the bed, walking, sitting in the train to work or just plain being lazy under a tree. A student can also study and listen to his CCNP audios while cooking, cleaning the room or ironing clothes.

Another advantage of CCNP audios is that you are not stressed over it. You listen to it but not necessarily so absorbed over it. It was even observed that a person could learn through sleep while sleeping with the audios playing.  This is because the subconscious is more powerful in retaining information than our conscious mind.

Audio books can be a great way to compliment a student in his preparation for the CCNP examination. There are several CCNP audios available for students, which can be a lecture series or a question and answer series. These can actually aid students to retain more of the concepts needed to pass the tough CCNP examination.

CCNP audios are an alternative way to prepare for the CCNP exams. It is the most convenient way to learn at your own time, place and pace may it be a CD Player, a PC or an Ipod.

Introduction More and more people are trying to get hold of a CCNP certificate because it s a fact that the average salary is quite high. In a year 2006-2007 salary survey conducted by, it showed that CCNP certificate holders have an average salary of 88,241 dollars. This figure has increased from the 60,000-dollar average salary in year 2004.

This is quite an increase for employees with CCNP certificate. Experience Matters Although, CCNP certificate holders seem to have an added advantage in the industry, there are still other factors to be considered. One of them is EXPERIENCE. If a person has had more experience in the information technology field, then he is more likely to have a bigger average salary.

The salary survey showed that those who are working in the field with ten or more years earn an average salary of 78755 dollars. While those with less than five years of experience earn an average of 40,000-50,000 dollars. Other Factors Other factors also affect the CCNP average salary of employees in the IT field. One factor is the job title that he has and another factor is the exact location of his work. There are salary averages that differ from one region to another. But even with these different factors considered, it was still noted that those holding CCNP certificates have a higher average salaries compared to non-CCNP certificate holders.

For those who are currently taking courses under the CCNP Program, this piece of information is welcome news. It s always good to hear that the CCNP certificate that you have worked to get shall be worth all your efforts.

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