So you have finally become a member of a particular  Cisco Certified Network Professionals forum, have made a few good friends and have comfortably settled in your new home in cyberspace. During one of your random jaunts around the World Wide Web, however, you stumble upon other equally great forums that also talk about anything and everything that has to do with  Cisco Certified Network Professionals. Of course, being the knowledge-hungry and socially-eager individual that you are, you sign up for it immediately!

Managing several accounts in different  Cisco Certified Network Professionals forums can be a bit tricky. Therefore, there are some guidelines that you need to follow in order to make your web-based interaction a whole lot easier.

Do remember that courtesy is always the most honored thing in the world. Just because you are an ‘old timer’ in one forum does not mean you can be a bit airy and too-casual in another. Do try to maintain the same user name for all your forums. The reason for this is because like you, some members also jump to and fro one forum to another. What a pleasant surprise will it be when you realize that you see the same old friends in new circles   and prevent your from accidentally having a potentially upsetting disagreement with a ‘stranger’ member who also happens to be someone you know in another. Don’t keep information to yourself   do try to help out others who are in need of  Cisco Certified Network Professionals-specific information. And if you must repeat the same knowledge in another forum, do try to be consistent with your words by simply copy-pasting your two cents’ worth to maintain consistency.

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