If you are a  Cisco Certified Network Professionals candidate and you want to make sure that you are adequately prepared for your Cisco exams, you will probably have thought of setting up a home lab for you to practice on. If you are really canny, you can find budget-cutting ways to go about this task while at the same time putting together a solid system which will truly help you get ready for the certification exam! Read on ahead to know more!

For starters, you can work on used Cisco routers as well as switches. Not only is it the more economical decision, there is also a lot of options for you to choose from and most of them are in really great shape. But before you do go out and buy your equipment, consider first the things you already have that can also be part of your  Cisco Certified Network Professionals home lab. Remember, part of the entire process also includes using whatever equipment you already have and saving more money by maximizing those! If you need to get a new router, try to aim for a 2520. This type of router comes with one Ethernet port, four serial ports as well as one ISDN practice-configured BRI interface. These different types of interfaces will definitely make your home lab practice-ready because you can actually use those as a sort of frame relay switch and at the same time use both the ports of Ethernet and BRI for your routing tasks.

The CCNP Certification Examination is considered to be one of the toughest Examinations ever conceived and this is not just mere posturing to attract business or clients, who seek to pass it through the tips and strategies provided by the Companies offering these services for a fee. Although a taker can virtually and theoretically pass the Certification Examination all by himself, it is greatly advisable that he should avail of the services offered by the Professionals, who are in the know of the whole process.

In preparing for the CCNP Examinations there are virtually many well-known and established paths to take. There are those that entail rereading all the books about it, as well as tutorial centers scattered here and there. These two are considered to be old-fashioned, and while there have been constant and ever-changing improvements; there is a better way. In taking the CCNP Examination, the takers will encounter the term ISCW Examination, which is already tough even when armed with earnest studying.

In this, the takers need to have a condensed, portable resource of information all about the subject. And up to this date, there is now a portable Command Guide, which greatly allows the taker to be able to access the information he requires at a greater efficiency than a dozen pages combined. It is even user-friendly, as well as being greatly portable enough to bring with the person wherever he may be.

This also allows the user to memorize and scan the many commands and concepts asked for in the certification Examination, and this can ultimately increase his chances of passing.

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