A CCNP network simulator is a piece of software that could be very valuable during CCNP exam training and review.  Through the CCNP network simulator, trainees would be able to practice on simulated network configurations and troubleshooting at the comforts of their homes.  This is because most CCNP network simulators can run on standard desktop with a respectable RAM. 

CCNP network simulators include different simulation labs packages.  These sample labs mimic actual network environments.  For those who wish to pass the CCNP certification exams, buying a network simulator is a must.  That s because the situations presented on the simulator labs will definitely appear on the Cisco exam for CCNP.

The specific labs included in network simulators are configuration and debugging of routers and the command line interface (CLI).  It may also include labs on static route protocols and point to point protocols.  The trainee can also configure VLAN routers using different routing techniques as well as simulations in troubleshooting subnet masks over TCP/IP.  

There are still many labs simulations that could be made available to users of CCNP network simulator software.  Some simulations can be custom-made. Simulators will allow trainees to devise new routing techniques to come up with new solutions.  These could be saved on the local hard drive and can be retrieved for future use.

Network professionals preparing for the Cisco CCNP certification exam should have network simulators installed on their computers.  It could reinforce the theoretical studies of CCNP trainings and gives valuable insight and skills in different internetworking applications.

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