The CCNP pay scales continue to be one of the most lucrative in the IT industry.  Experienced network professionals holding CCNP certifications receive salaries averaging $70,000 to $80,000 USD.  Entry level CCNPs with less than 5 years experience in corporate internetworking could receive a decent $65,000 USD payroll.  These figures only cover the basic salaries of CCNP certified professionals.  There are more perks and bonuses being given to certificate holders especially to the most experienced network managers and specialist.

Aside from regular salaries, some CCNP professionals receive additional income from independent consulting and other knowledge based work requiring their special technical skills.  CCNP certificate holders are sought after by corporations that have converged intra and internetworking environments.  They can also serve as resource persons for academic institutions who need network specialists.  They could provide important real life network situations and their experience could be a good source of IT network best practices.

The lucrative salaries given to CCNP professionals could push other IT professionals to get CCNP certification.  The influx could drive down salary levels or it could whittle the quality of CCNP professionals.  That is why Cisco is introducing new examination methods that are designed to distinguish genuine network experts from paper CCNPs.  New test questions are being devised and more simulations are included in the CCNP exam.  This could determine the actual skills and technical capabilities of aspiring CCNPs to ensure production of quality network professionals.  Securing a CCNP certification therefore would not be easy thus protecting the integrity of the exam and the CCNP certificate holders.

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