The world has become a competing ground for young professionals. How about a career in network troubleshooting, anyone?  The Cisco Certified Network Professional 4  (CCNP 4) is just the right module for those students who are interested to become network administrators, Level 2 support engineers, network technicians and deployment engineers.  It is part of a four-module curriculum under the CCNP curriculum. What is CCNP4? CCNP4 is specifically about network troubleshooting competencies. The areas of specialization are TCP/IP, LAN Switching, VLANs, Frame Relay, ISDN, Appletalk, Novell, BGP, OSPF, EIGRP and OSI Layers 1, 2 and 3.  Upon completion of this course, the students will be able to find solutions to problems in the said areas. It is recommended, however, to take the whole four-module course for CCNP to be able to get a CCNP Certificate. Moreover, CCNP4 complements the other three modules. As a whole, the curriculum shall be able to teach students to install, configure and operate LAN and WAN and also provide access protocols from 100 to 500 nodes. The main purpose of this advanced curriculum is to train students to make networks, built multi-layer switching technologies for campus networks, make and deploy global intranet and finally to troubleshoot using Cisco routers and switches for clients hosts and services. With the current competition among young people in the world, jobs can be difficult to find. However, having some knowledge of CCNP4 together with the other modules under the CCNP curriculum, a young professional has an edge over the rest.


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