Ready to use prioritized Center of Excellence requirements, to:

Ensure your pursuit of excellence is driven by an emphasis on (internal) client Focus, Integrity, Imagination, and Employee Engagement the Core Values that motivate and inspire your leadership, business practices, and company culture. .


    • Address data privacy for information provided to your organization as part of the cloud excellence implementer program.
    • Empower your business users to be value creators in the data supply chain.
    • Measure the business risk of using machines to make decisions and recommendations.
    • Leverage the data that you have to provide better offers and experiences.
    • Identify sources of external data that will complement the data that you own already.
    • Align business goals and the data that exists in your organization.
    • Assess the change that has occurred and make adjustments to maximize effectiveness.
    • Effectively track and report on your research activities to provide better strategic management decisions.
    • Meet the need for business agility whilst ensuring security and compliance.
    • Classify the processes within the Strategy group, or the activities of the Business Process Center of Excellence, or the processes associated with Corporate Planning.

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