For most people, having the Certification is like having the ultimate driving license.
First, it would entail rigorous training and serious concentration much like in learning how to drive.
Second, the process is a long preparation that is meant for the applicants to utilize wisely and not waste.
There are also many tutorial centers, books, driving schools and such; the likes of which, being like in a Certification Examination.
And third, a failure to pass the stringent Examinations of both driving and Certification Examinations would result to basically the same hardship.
The value of the Certification Examination is greatly seen on the faces of the people, who have unfortunately failed, and to those people, who have passed.
For one, Cindy and Karla were once both applicants, and both failed in passing the Examinations.
This is how important a Certification Examination is.
Cindy was not promoted and Alex was never accepted at the company he was applying to.
In fact, these are the most likely result of failing in the Examinations.
This is no wonder why more and more applicants are availing themselves the use of PMP tutorial books and PDF review materials.
No one wants to fail, and to do so, would ultimately mean dire consequences for all who does fail.
There is another part of this Certification.
In the event of a passing, the applicants can now have the right to use the abbreviation of PMP on their name.
This is already quite a plus.
In fact, because of this, the mere mention of the name, followed by the PMP, would generally signify already the person’s achievement, even without a resume.
Now, this Certification is not a magic paper or a miracle-provider.
It is just an aid to ensure the user’s success. 

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