Certifications under ISTQB

In the software development, it is important that software testing be performed before the software itself comes out in the market.  Software testing involves the checking of software for defects and seeing to it that it satisfies the requirements for which it was developed.  Software testers do software testing.  They are referred to as test lead/manager, test designer, tester, test automater/automation developer, or test administrator.  They examine and modify the software engineering process to reduce amount of faults that may lead to defect rate.  Software testing can be viewed as part of the software quality assurance process.

There are several certification programs in the industry that support the profession of software testers and quality assurance specialists.  One of the leading certification program providers is the International Software Testing Qualitfication Board (ISTQB).

ISTQB was founded in November 2002 in Edinburgh.  It is a legal entity that is based in Belgium.  The ISTQB is the one responsible for giving the international qualification scheme known as ISTQB Certified Tester.  ISTQB Certified Tester is the standradized qualication exam given to software testers.  The qualification exam is based  on ISTQB syllabus and heirachy of qualifications and  guidelines for accreditation and examination.  It is a multiple choice exam and is an education program that is offered in 38 countries.
The following are the Certifications offreed by ISQTB:
• Foundation Level (CTFL)
• Advanced Level – Test Manager
• Advanced Level – Functional Tester
• Advanced Level – Technical Tester
• Advanced Level (CTAL) – Full Advanced Level (after passing the above exams of Advanced Level)
• Expert Level

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