In the existence of need, there are existing options available to any capable person, and in the world of programmers, where the available fields to excel at is at best, many, there are many options available.
For one, they could try to work on the different programs available, and while this may prove to be the field best for their talents and knowledge, in the advent of getting a wrong score on things shouldn’t really put someone down.
At most, they could always try on other things, and there are certainly a lot of other things to try on.
For example, they could try on becoming the next MCITP, which is quite a feat, considering the type of tasks as well as the kind of examinations being given to the Examiners.
Of course, the toughness of the MCITP certification examinations shouldn’t really discourage the future takers into not taking the examination at all as it would be tantamount of a self-defeating attitude that’ll get a person nowhere.
The best chance of a professional is to examine their talents and knowledge to see where they are standing at the moment, and if still lacking, pass of the chance of going for the examination, but in the event that they see a chance of passing it, then they should take it.
In this, proper training helps and this is as vital as the person’s school day knowledge on how the processes work.
 In the long run, after passing the tough MCITP, it’s always fun to look back and see the developments and improvements made on oneself simple because of the MCITP.

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