Six sigma champions are the new standard bearers in todays world of quality management. They can easily perform their functions of carrying out six sigma, which is a methodology that involves running a formal process as well as a variety of tools in order to help many companies lessen their costs and improve their profitability. These champions are trailblazers in their filed. They can make change happen by leading the entire organization towards positive results. Any company that is looking into successful six sigma implementation will need to have their leaders and key personnel are well as senior plant members participate in extensive six sigma champion training. To be honest, these champions are not tasked with leading the six sigma projects itself  rather, they provide great support for the process in order for the company to realize its true potential for reaping greater success. Potential champions in six sigma processes include people who actually own the processes that need to be improved, those who generate the available resources, individuals who evaluate the justifications of financial costs, and those who supervise other people who are selected green and black belts.

The six sigma champion training will include an array of topics for those who want to be tasked with such a big responsibility. It includes a basic overview of the six sigma process. The definition of the role of the champion is also provided, as well as the standard process that is necessary in order to identify the potential projects of six sigma. Additionally, guidelines are provided in order to manage such projects, and the different types of measurements for evaluating project success are also included.


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