The Change Advisory Board or CAB is a group that assesses any request for changes regarding the needs of the business, its priorities, the benefits and cost, and the possible impact of the change to the other systems and operations. Usually, the recommendations for any implementation, further evaluation and analysis, postponement and cancellation are done by the CAB. The CAB comprise of groups of people who offers expert advice to the Change Management team about the implementation of the changes. The board is made up of representatives from all the divisions in the Information Technology and other representatives coming from the business units and any parties outside the premises of the organization that are considered if necessary.

The change process in ITIL® gives the full responsibility to the CAB regarding the assessment and evaluation of the processes that are submitted and are subjected for approval for its immediate implementation. The function of the CAB takes place during plenary meetings and not in the planning process and implementation itself. Its role is limited only for the approval, update and assessment of the process.

Frequent meetings calls for the approval of the change and it does not mean that change is altered by the failure of the scope of the proposal. In cases where change is accompanied by failure, another meeting is done and another approval is required. The Change Advisory Board is very much close to the planning and implementation process. Its common approach is to assess and approve for the implementation of alternative procedures and use the once that will surely work and free from failure


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