There are several similarities between large businesses on one hand and small businesses on the other hand. Many of the concepts that have been created and developed for large companies are most applicable for small enterprises. On the other hand, large companies can also benefit from the forgotten strategies that are used by small companies and vice versa. This is especially proven when dealing with change in a particular organization. Choosing to set up a specific project to guide a change would be the most appropriate option for large businesses, whereas the smaller businesses will choose to manage some changes by the use of the line organization.

Both types of organization, big and small could learn from each other through this area. Smaller businesses which are typically organized in a lesser manner in the aspect of professionalism may get something good from developing projects to manage the different types of ALTERATIONS. As for the large businesses, the first choice for developing a project could be reevaluated in favor of managing various changes through line management. One of the aspects that influence this kind of choice is "attention". The start of every project will definitely emphasize the change and will prioritize the commitment for the change benefits from this kind of attention.

Another element that can support the choice of the project over the line management is "expertise". If change is planned and organized, different types of expertise’s not existing in the particular part of the line organization are very much needed. Expertise is more of understanding and skills of Change Management that can be solved by the change agent. Small businesses can obviously benefit from the lessons that are learned by large businesses and also, large companies can also benefit from managing small businesses.


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